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Patient Testimonials

Our goal is to give our patients the best quality dental care in a compassionate environment. At Mary Huffman Family Dentistry and Lenoir Family Dentistry, we combine the best of old-fashioned comfort with modern technology to make sure our patients have a great experience when they are at either of our offices.

Read here to find out what our patients think of our exceptional staff, our caring dentists, and our relaxed environment.

A Visit to Your Office Feels Like a Visit with Friends!

As a 60th birthday gift for myself, I chose Six Month Smiles braces. They were put on May 15, 2015. It was the best gift ever!! I have never smiled so in my life, and if not for you, Dr. Mary, and your wonderful staff, that would have never happened for me. I bragged so about you all, my husband is now a patient of yours too. We are of the age when going to the dentist had become something to dread, but a visit to your office feels like a visit with friends. Thank you all of you for being our dentist—and friends.

— Cathy B.

I Am So Glad I Put My Trust in Dr. Huffman!

To make a long story short: My front teeth were very thin because the enamel was gone. For years I made many visits to the dentist (not Dr. Huffman) because of my teeth breaking. I would have them bonded, not knowing how long the bonding would last. I was afraid to go out of town in fear of a tooth chipping or even worse the bonding breaking lose as it had many times before (remember, this is my FRONT teeth)!
Finally, I made an appointment with Dr. Huffman. She suggested capping my teeth. I agreed! Dr. Huffman and her staff made this procedure—that I had heard would be “agonizing” (so not true)—into one of the best things I have done for myself!
In fact, Dr. Huffman has done more work for me by placing a bridge on teeth that I was afraid would have to be pulled! My thanks and beautiful smile go to Dr. Huffman!
And many thanks to her staff who made me feel so comfortable by making sure I was treated like family! I am so glad I put my trust in Dr. Huffman!

—Debbie S.