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Why are soft drinks so bad for your teeth?

Most people know that drinking soft drinks regularly is not good for you and that they are especially bad for your oral health.

Because these drinks contain sugar, they provide food for the bacteria that are normally inside your mouth. This enables the bacteria to produce acid, which begins to eat away at the enamel on your teeth, weakening it and paving the way for decay to grow.

It’s important to note, however, that soft drinks are not the only culprit. Fruit juices and energy drinks also contain sugars that cause the same reaction inside your mouth.

The best way to minimize the impact of these drinks on your teeth is to simply keep them out of your daily diet. When that is not possible, try cutting them with plain seltzer water to minimize the sugar you are ingesting. Look for fruit juices that are 100 percent juice, with no added sugar.

When these beverages are consumed, be sure to at least rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to help get rid of any lingering sugar. You can also be sure to brush with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, which can help reverse the damage caused by sugary beverages and foods.

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