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Why is it important to have my teeth cleaned regularly?

The first thing patients should know about professional teeth cleaning is that it does much more than just clean your teeth. A professional teeth cleaning removes plaque that builds up on the teeth. And removal of this plaque is essential if your teeth and gums are to stay healthy.

Good home care is an important part of good oral health, but even the most diligent brushing and flossing cannot take the place of a professional teeth cleaning. Plaque buildup is inevitable, and the only thing that can remove it are specialized dental instruments.

If plaque is not removed, it hardens and turns into tartar, which is also called calculus. This calcified plaque attaches not only to your teeth but also below your gum line. No amount of brushing and flossing can remove it. If you don’t go to the dentist to have a dental hygienist remove it, this bacteria will produce harmful substances that can begin to damage the jawbone. This can also lead to periodontal disease. If the pattern of skipping dental cleanings continues and gum disease is left unchecked, this can lead to other, more serious problems—including tooth loss.

It’s not worth the risk to skip professional dental cleanings. Just visiting our practices twice each year can work wonders in protecting your oral health.

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