Clear Braces Are a Great Orthodontic Option

If you’ve been living too long with teeth that are misaligned, but you cannot imagine making a two- or three-year commitment to metal in your mouth, you'll be happy to hear that you have another option.

We offer clear braces that give you an invisible way to gently move your teeth into alignment. Not only do these braces offer a better esthetic, but treatment time is usually shorter and the end result is very similar to what you would achieve with traditional braces.

You don’t have to suffer through the hassle and expense of unattractive orthodontia in order to get straight teeth. Call Mary Huffman Family Dentistry or Lenoir Family Dentistry to find out more about how clear braces can give you a smile you love to show the world!

Invisalign and ClearCorrect Clear Braces

Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear braces both use custom aligners to straighten teeth. The aligners are clear trays made from smooth, translucent plastic and are worn over your teeth.

Every couple of weeks, you’ll get a new set of aligners that will gently nudge your teeth into the proper position, based on the plan your dentist developed. Unlike traditional braces, there are no brackets or wires to adjust.

While the length of treatment time with traditional orthodontics can run as many as two or three years, invisible braces are often much quicker. Your dentist will determine how long you’ll need to wear the braces based on your treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of Invisible Braces?

The most obvious benefit of clear braces is the fact that they are virtually invisible. Even if you are seated across the table from someone, they will be hard-pressed to see them.

Because they are removable, they are taken out for eating and cleaning your teeth. This eliminates problems with food getting stuck or having to avoid certain foods altogether. You will be able to brush and floss your teeth just as you normally would.

Since they are made from smooth plastic, there is no chance of irritation in your mouth, which can be common with traditional metal braces.

The clear aligners fit easily into a variety of lifestyles, from adult professionals to high school students. If you have an important event or you will be photographed, you can simply remove the aligners for a few hours.

You will also be able to see the result of your treatment as it is happening. You won’t have to wait until the braces are removed to see what your newly straightened teeth look like.

Are There Disadvantages to Clear Braces?

This biggest disadvantage might be the fact that they are indeed removable. Patients need to be disciplined about wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours per day. If the aligners are not worn for that minimum time, treatment results will take longer than expected.

Another disadvantage is that they are somewhat more expensive than traditional orthodontics. For many patients, however, this price difference is more than worth it given their flexibility and esthetic advantages.

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